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Cracklewax 2015

Article 12

first live show
image 01 . first liveshow

©2015 . Gert Muurling

first live show
image 02 . first liveshow

©2015 . Gert Muurling

movie . 2015 Live

© . MBC



Pivot | Set Supervision / (technical) Design

The end of an era, great learning experience, time to move on...

Article 11

explore the country
image 01 . explore the country first

©2015 . Gert Muurling

produce good results
image 02 . then produce results

©2015 . Gert Muurling

tools we use
image 03 . the tools we use

©2015 . Gert Muurling

movie . 2015 Battles

© . MBC



Pivot | Set Supervision / (technical) Design

What can I say, we had so much fun...

Article 10

movie . The Maze, show

© . MBC



Pivot | Set Supervision / (technical) Design

During my time at the third Voice of Arab Battle the team got asked to setup an augmented talkshow at a different studio. The Maze became a virtual maze modeled around a few real setpieces used to cover close shots during the actual interview. This type of show is kind of tricky because of the cameratracking. It takes quite a while to get all systems calibrated and tuned in to eachother, but once set it's amazing how far one can extend the actual world into virtual space..

Article 09

barrier models
image 01 . render compared to CAD model

©2015 . Gert Muurling



mojobarriers | 3D modeling / animation

The challenge here was to come up with multipurpose 3D models which are both beautiful when rendered and efficient enough to be used in CAD drawings, without clogging up the clients file with megabytes of superfluous data. Done this way for all of mojobarriers' product library blocks they now have a sound bases of producing 3D cad drawings as well as 3D animations to be used as instruction videos to go along with their key products.

here at cracklewax we make it a habit modeling both accurate and low poly, next to the obvious file size advantage there are other perks. For instance being able to port the models straight into real time rendering applications like wysywyg lighting software or virtual set applications.

Article 08

movie . Voice of Arab III Blind Auditions

© . MBC



Pivot | Set Supervision / (technical) Design

One of the most enjoyable parts of the show. Blind Auditions are allways full of good surprises..

John de Mol's worldwide sold format is a hit in the Middle-East. Young talented vocal artists all compete for the grand-prize, a contract with a worldwide music producer to create their own album.

scroll down for setbuild

Article 07

nearing completion
image 01 . nearing completion

©2015 . Gert Muurling

halfway point
image 02 . halfway point

©2015 . Gert Muurling

19|06|15 - 06|07|15


Pivot | Set Supervision / (technical) Design

I'm at MBC studios, Beirut, Lebanon. Third tour for the Voice of Arab, Blind Auditions. It usually takes just a few days of preparing and several weeks of on-site supervision before a deliverable set can be produced. This is largely due to availability of materials, subsequent on-site design changes and the mere fact that these sets are being custom made instead of compiled from reusable building blocks. At times this will make set construction a challenge to say the least, but at the same time most of the fun happens when things go haywire.. Like each edition, a number of design changes were practised and we achieved best out of three seasons.

John de Mol's worldwide sold format is a hit in the Middle-East. Young talented vocal artists all compete for the grand-prize, a contract with a worldwide music producer to create their own album.

Article 06



Light-H-Art | technical design consultancy

One of the interesting things about being a designer who's not afraid of the technical part of things is being asked for advice about all sorts of challenges. In this instance Light-H-Art got their hands on a new Dubai show, however, some of the Middle Eastern show companies, at times, can produce very unpredictable results. So I got the call to match all set and studio drawings to prevent from practical error on site.

Article 05

bij Dino in de straat - Show
image 01 . showtime

©2015 . Jeroen Les



MenAtWork | set design

Presenting the finished and fully operational product.

We had great fun designing this hilarious comedyquiz, each and every try-out showed proof of a promising format. Try-outs played an imoprtant role in the design process. Not just the input from the presenter and quizcaptains added value, but as try-outs developed into a first pilot it became clear to everyone that any loose prop the guys could get their hands on was being used in the most peciuliar of ways to enhance or illustrate their jokes..

Many thanks to the guys at Light-H-art for their contribution and advice..

Article 04



NOS | pitch

An interesting exercise today, my first ever pitch for a tv show. I felt honoured because I was granted the oppertunity to pitch an idea / concept about which way to go with all of NOS's news programs. Honoured because this is a 'by invitation only' pitch. An interesting exercise because it meant integrating several shows into one studio, one set, while still maintaining seperate identities. I love these kind of projects because they incorporate a complex blend of logistics and design.

Article 03

Light-H-Art Logo
image 01 . Light-H-Art Logo

©2013 . Gert Muurling



Light-H-Art | corporate identity

LIGHT, it cannot be understood if darkness did not exist. Shadows will not remain without it, nor would we be able to see. This precious thing will complement, and yet at times oppose. It will entangle anything, come to life if handled well. Our clan will go to any length, compose, to pass its form as ART

Did a minor update to their website today. It reminded me of the reason why I like design so much. Wheather it be written text, music, architecture, stage or lighting design,it always comes down to getting the composition right. When studying photography, surprisingly, it was not so much the subject matter which interested me. I used to study composition without end.. It really got my zest going for other areas of design such as the view on light written in the paragraph above...

Article 02

movie . Gouden Loeki, show

© . BlazHoffski



BlazHoffski | set design

Presenting the finished and fully operational product.

The challenge here was to design a multipurpose set for an award show. Some 900 guests had to be welcomed and given a chance to have chat with collegues, friends and even competitors. After a certain time they would be moved into the studio area where they'd enjoy and participate in a live broadcast of an hour or so. There's no event like this without a party, so after showtime the whole bunch would have to be moved back into the networking area at the outer parts of the venue while the whole studio area at the inside would be transformed into a party spot during half an hour of changeover.

Scroll down for set build..

Article 01

Gouden Loeki - Show
image 01 . finished product

©2015 . Gert Muurling

Gouden Loeki - Set construction
image 02 . construction & testing

©2015 . Gert Muurling

Gouden Loeki - Set testing
image 03 . construction & testing

©2015 . Gert Muurling



BlazHoffski | set design

Good times at Amsterdam Westergashouder, we hit all the marks (time- and position-wise) during construction day 1. Many thanks to EML / Stageco / Stagebrothers, they were a great help and made set delivery a breeze..


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